Diagonal Strip in Square Lattice

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The diagstrip element requires a square unit cell and restricts the values of orient to either 45 or -45. Using this element (rather than a rotated rectstrip) is useful when there are other sheets in the FSS/PSS structure that all share the same square lattice. In this case, the interactions between sheets can be rigorously accounted for using higher-order generalized scattering parameters.

using PSSFSS, Plots
sheet = diagstrip(P=5.2, w=0.21, units=mm, Nl=60, Nw=4, orient=45)
p1 = plot(sheet, linecolor=:red, unitcell=true)
p2 = plot(sheet, linecolor=:blue, rep=(4,3))
plot(p1, p2, layout = (1,2), size=(800,400))